Join us a journey of self discovery, adventure and relaxation through the power of Yoga with Soma Yoga Retreats.

Discover the Greek islands through the benefits of Yoga.

Soma Yoga Retreats and Holidays brings together culture, exploration and unique
island excursions to enhance your Yoga experience.
Since 2011, we created a unique program on the Greek island of Nisyros.
Your Yoga retreat in Greece, combines the practice of Yoga with exposure to the local culture, customs and surrounding environment.
By bringing all these elements together, our guests witness balance, community and self transformation.
Our daily Yoga practice promotes physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well being.
Open to all levels of Yoga experience, from beginner to advance, taught by certified
instructors. All are welcome.
As we like to call this a retreat, we are not located in remote areas. We encourage
interaction with the island residents and the unique environment of the Greek islands.
Soma Yoga Retreats in Greece, promotes the union of an ancient practice with an ancient culture. Leaving the guest with a sense of belonging and self awareness.
Yoga and Greece the perfect union!


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